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Fundraisers at Chacko's

At Chacko's, we put the FUN in Fundraisers! Let the balls roll, the pins fly, and the donations flow!

We’ll help you create an exciting event that will blow your guests away without blowing your budget.

Looking for sponsors? We love a good cause! Ask about charitable partnership opportunities.

Choose one of the options below!

Sell a Party

‘Strike’ Up a Fun Time with Your Group! Your group sells tickets to a bowling party which includes 2 games of bowling, shoe rental, pizza, and soda per person. You determine how much you want to charge each individual. Your group receives the portion of the ticket sales that is added over and above our fee.


The Classic ‘Approach’ to Bowling Fundraising! Recruit people to bowl in this special event. Each bowler would solicit pledges based on either the number of pins bowled or a dollar amount per game bowled.Your group keeps the portion of the pledges that is added over and above our fee.

Coporate Lane Sponsors

They Cover your ‘Spare’ Cost! Ask businesses in your area to sponsor a lane for a tax deductible donation per lane. Each lane purchased will accommodate up to 6 people for 2 games of bowling each. Your group keeps the portion of the sponsorship that is added over and above our fee.

....or try a combination of the three!

We work with you every step of the way. After our initial meeting, we will reserve your lanes and begin the process of making this event your most successful. From flyer design - to tickets - to donation requests - to prizes - to a program - to signs - to media coverage - to photos - to website - to personalized assistance day of your event …
This is YOUR event, YOUR way, YOUR fun...just with our help!!! We specialize in these events and will work with you before, during, and after to guarantee your success!!!


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Interested in holding a fundraiser at Chacko's? Perfect! Fill out information below and hit send to get started!

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