STARS of the WEEK...
Pee Wee: N/A

Bantam:  Ava Schultz 18 POA
Prep: N/A

Juniors: Zachary Eddy 98 POA
Major: Aaron Wook 61 POA

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  1. February Practice Sessions: Thursday, February 24: 5:30-6:30pm.

  2. **NEW EMAIL** In an effort to keep Chacko’s Juniors messages more separate from the bowling center, please note our new email address:  Please sign up by emailing that address! Standings, announcements, snow delays/cancellations, etc will all be communicated via email (in addition to announced at bowling). 

****Snow cancellations will ONLY be communicated via email or Facebook!!!****


  1. Special Order Merch is still delayed due to shipping and labor shortages.  Apologies for this delay. Apparently it’s across the nation.  The (new) anticipated date is 2/18/22.  Fingers crossed.

  2. Dan Chacko’s Youth No Tap Tournament: Sunday, March 20 at 10am.  Sign up sheets at front desk or register at

  3. Chacko’s Adult/Junior 8-9-10 No Tap Doubles Tournament: Sunday, April 3 a 10am.  Sign up sheets at front desk or at

  4. Pepsi Youth Championship Tournaments registration is now online for you to complete on your own.  Online registration opened on December 1, 2021 at  It’s up to you to register your child. Chacko’s is in District 8. If you need an average as of Jan. 1st please email bowler first & last name to & we will send you the information.  Allow 2-3 days.

  5. League bowling fees are due at the time of bowling.  Please place them in your child’s envelope and we will be around to collect the envelopes during bowling league session.  Only mark under the current date how much you have placed in the envelope – do not mark future or past dates.  Likewise, don’t seal the envelope.  If you wish to pay ahead, you may certainly do so, but there is no owing. We can take CASH or CHECK made to “Chacko’s Juniors.”

  6. Pre-bowling is allowed during the season.  To pre-bowl:

    1. Call Chacko’s 570-208-2695 to ensure lanes may be available at your desired pre-bowl time (there are no reservations).

    2. Check in with the front desk.  Tell them your child is pre-bowling for the Junior League.  You will need to tell them if your child bowls 1, 2 or 3 games per session. 

    3. At the lane, type in your child’s FIRST and LAST name in the monitor. 

    4. At completion of bowling, return to the front desk.  Have them PRINT out your child’s scores.  Payment is due for league at this time! 

  7. In case of bad weather, please check the CHACKO’S JUNIORS Facebook page.  We will also EMAIL the update to those who provided emails (if you didn’t, please email it to We will also send out a push notification on the CHACKO’S APP – you can download this for free to your smartphone from your app store.  Email: Facebook Page: Chacko’s Juniors