Update: 1/14/21:

Gift Card Purchase

Purchase a Gift Card for the Holiday Season!


For ANY special occasion, adult or teen party,
group outing, corporate party, scout troop or
 bowling day with your friends and family!!
Choose from our bundles.  
Enjoy bowling and food at a discounted price!



League Offerings & Standings available here!


This is YOUR event, YOUR way, YOUR fun...just with our help!!! We specialize in these events and will work with you before, during, and after to guarantee your success!!!

Prices & Hours

For open play times and hours of operation. Pricing on open play and groups.
Reservation times.


Try our homemade pizza, stromboli and wing sauces! Over 200 different food choices...   you'll never go hungry at Chacko's!

Larger party? Take a look at our catered menu!

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